Selection results

The first residence of 2018 started with Anticamera, a collaborative duo working in Iasi, Romania, since 2014, composed by Gloria Luca and Tudor Pătrașcu. Gloria has a Bachelor's Degree in Art History at the George Enescu University in Iasi, and a Masters Degree in Photo-Video at the same University. Tudor has a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, the Department of Drawing Graphics; a Masters Degree in Applied Arts, and Doctoral Degree in Visual Arts, all at the George Enescu Art University in Iasi.

The project proposed by Anticamera for the residency period is entitled Present Tension and consists in expanding an ongoing artistic research focusing on the various types of representation through which media iconography reflects the social effects of recent events with major impact in the EU, and global society. "Our intention is that during the residency program, to give shape to this research - and to produce an installation that we would like to present to the public in Timisoara during an exhibition."

Oana Paula Vainer proposed the winning project for the second artistic residence of the year 2018. After studying ceramics in Bucharest, Oana Paula Vainer continues her artistic education in Tallinn and Stuttgart, the city where she currently lives in. Interested in the ambiguity of situations in the immediate surroundings, whether isolated or belonging and using them as concretization elements, the artist alienates them and transforms them, changing the perspective point and, implicitly, the compatibility.

The proposed project for Art Encounters artistic residence is called To observe and to be/To let yourself observed and will be presented at the end of the 12 weeks of artistic residency and research in the permanent exhibition venue of the Art Encounters Foundation.

Application and selection process
Selection results